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Hand held Grafting Shears

Item Code : SGS4-22R

Heavy duty model available from Europe

Model SGS4-22R now incorportates the solid spacer plates previously introduced on other models.

First introduced in 2015 model SGM5-22R were a development of Scionon's original Grafting Shears product range.  A variant with the model code SGS5-21R was also supplied for a short time, while transitioning to new builds.

Model SGS4-22R has now replaced those previous models in Europe.

The slim jaw SGS4-20R variant is supplied from New Zealand. 

With a jaw opening of 80mm these shears are capable of producing cuts in larger material of at least 20mm in diameter and are supplied with 2 spare SGS18 blades. The cutting range is comfortably between 8mm - 22mm depending on material and graft type.

An optinal kerf grafting blade kit can be fitted to the jaws allowing the preparation of kerf scions for stump grafting.



Recommendation : SGM5-22R/ 21R substitute

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