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  • Corey

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with my Scionon grafting shears. I'm an amateur grafting enthusiast and have previously always used a knife or a cheap grafting tool on my apple/pear rootstocks to varying degrees of success. Right out of the box I could tell the Scionon Grafting Shears were a quality tool, well-built with plenty of steel in the blades and handles. Obviously constructed with the intent of serving for many years, possibly even a lifetime. Without the grafting shears my success rate was pretty low, maybe 40-60 percent. My first spring using the Scionon Grafting Shears my success rate jumped to 98%! My successful grafts all budded out quicker and exhibited significantly more growth than previous years where I used a knife. This tool has proven its worth and I'm looking forward to expanding my operation next year. Truly a must-have piece of equipment for anyone looking for reliable results with grafting. Thank you! Sincerely,

    Corey Wilcox

    United States

  • Rebecca Carless

    Hi Ian and the Scionon crew,

    Earlier this year (I think it was June?) our group was grateful to receive your companies generosity when you were contacted for assistance by our president Craig Castree. We had been low in funds after a poor return on our Major fundraiser in February 2016, and so you assisted us by providing a grafting machine ahead of payment. I write to say that thanks to your generosity our not for profit group run solely by volunteers has been able to raise enough funds to purchase but also more importantly have been able to graft a lot of heritage varieties to be conserved in the orchard. We could not have done this without your assistance, so please be assured that your assistance has greatly benefited the preservation of many varieties which we will hopefully be able to provide to the public when the trees establish - thus further ensuring the varieties longevity.

    Well, I realize that we have been a little tardy with paying you which we would like to remedy as soon as possible. We are now also able to purchase a second machine from you also as our auspiscing body - Parks Victoria - have recognized that the use of this product adds much to the safety of grafting as well as the efficiency!

  • Rob Pelletier

    I have found the Scionon grafting tool and tape dispenser easy and reasonably intuitive to use. It has allowed me to graft material of a wide range of diameter easily and efficiently.

    The tape unit has greatly sped up the tying process and overall the result has been sturdy grafts completed with a minimum of effort. The tool has enabled me to carry on grafting all day without the shoulder pain I have experienced in recent years when using a knife.

    Heritage Fruit Trees, Australia

  • Allen Hsiao

    Dear Ian, This afternoon, I have received with thanks all the grafting blades. I immediately upgraded my grafting shear SGH2-16. It works fine. I kept practicing graft cuts that I almost forgot my dinner, I found that the upgraded SGH2-16 is easier to handle, cut and clean. I am very happy with the quality, function and hence efficiency of the SGH2-16 now. Scionon have won the trust and support of customers by fine reputation, advanced technology, careful after service. I would like very much to recommend to my friend and would like to do business with you soonest again. Thank you again for your being so generous with me.

    Sincerely yours

  • Dion Atkinson

    In 2011 our kiwifruit orchard operation was seriously affected by PSA, and we knew we needed to graft to get through. We contacted Ian Adams from Scionon to assist with grafting over to G3. Two years on we have 85 -90 % canopy back and expect 1400 trays per ha. this season.

    Seeing the result first hand and the sucess of using SCIONON grafting tools, I purchased a set of Grafing Shears and now contract graft for others, with high output and excellent results. With limited knife skill, SCIONON Grafting Shears make it easy to graft with speed and accuracy and ensure consistency. I am more efficent at whip and tongue grafting using the Grafting Shears than I ever was using a knife. These shears have paid for themselves hundreds of times over.

    Oaklands Investment Trust, Te Puke

  • Stuart Page

    At Tangara Nursery we have been using the SCIONON grafting machine for a number of years. We have since purchased more of these machines to help in the process of training our staff. From the causal employees in their first days of working at Tangara Nursery to the on-going staff that use these machines from year to year. They are a great product for training staff before moving on to a knife or for the casual worker to get straight in to grafting in just a short amount of training.

    Just a great all round product!!!      

    Tangara Nursery, Tasmania Australia
  • Brian Phillips

    I have just purchased a second set of SGS1-13 Grafting Shears. The first set gave me a 20 to 30% plus productivity bonus top working mature grapevines.

  • Nicoleta Borka

    Hi Ian, I have one of your original SCIONON Grafting Shears. This is a very good tool and I have achieved a very good strike using it.

  • Rod Herron

    Hi Ian, Thanks for your help setting up the SCIONON kerf knife for my job. It went fine and I would recommend it as an economical tool for small grafting jobs. Cheers.

    Rod Herron
  • Claudia & Winnie Roelofs

    "After more or less all of the trees in our nursery were lost in the winter of 2011/’12 due to winter frost, we had to make large numbers of bench grafts to be able to plant in the spring of 2012. The grafting tools we had previously tried were unsuitable, because we were unable to cut the grafts and rootstocks cleanly using them. Moreover, the cutting flattened the grafts, which damaged the cambium”, explains Claudia Roelofs. “I ended up on Ian Adams’ website via Google and we bought a couple of his grafting tools.” The Scionon grafting tools lived up to the high expectations. “A great advantage for us is that anyone can make perfect grafts after a couple of hours using the Scionon grafting tools. In the past when we made bench grafts the traditional way, we had to employ a limited group of specialists.” Another great advantage is that rootstocks thicker than 12 mm can also be handled using these grafting tools. Cutting large numbers of rootstocks of this size by hand is practically impossible. ”Therefore, in the past, we used to throw away these thick rootstocks. Now we use them as the rootstock for varieties that have diffculty branching, including Bramley’s Seedling”, adds Winnie Roelofs.

    Boomkwekerij,, 't Fort W Roelofs B.V.
  • Dimitrios

    We would like to congratulate you for your products. We did buy 2 GBU devices and 3 shears. We have not tested them in real actual conditions, but they seem to be great!!! We bought them from your agent in the Netherlands. In the near future we plan to buy some more of the GBU devices.

    JIM GK
  • Michelle

    Hi Ian, The shears arrived yesterday and Nathan has found his new best friend in them. Thanks for keeping in touch, excellent customer service.